Dark blue eyeshadow

How would you like to wear dark blue eyeshadow tonight over your best friend’s party? Do you know when and how to wear this latest color of eyeshadow which won’t leave your eyes look garish? If not then this article will give you more ideas on how to wear dark blue eyeshadow just the right way.

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Many celebrities, supermodels and even those professional make up artists prefer dark blue eyeshadow as replacement or alternative shade for black or gray. Dark blue eyeshadow is great alternative shade which will create the same dramatic effects in smoky eyes. It is also great for women with blue eyes but see to it that if you are going to wear this shade of eyeshadow, just apply the right amount. You can wear this shade even during the day but apply only the slightest shade of color so as not to make your eyes look garish or something. If you want more flair and drama then apply it on your lids more during the night for party or for bar hopping with your friends.

To make the dark blue eyeshadow stays on your lids for a hours, do not forget to apply some eyeshadow primer first. This primer comes in cream form so you won’t have any problems applying it on your lids plus it has no color so you don’t have to fear about getting it smudge or crease out. If you do not have any primer then you can always use your foundation or your concealer. These two will help stays your eyeshadow in place for hours just like what the primer can do.

Though dark blue eyeshadow can make blue eyes stand out, it is still important that women with blue eyes consider the right shade of blue to wear and apply on their lids. Try not to use th exact shade of blue just like the color of your eyes or you will end up looking like a beady blue eyed gal! If you are going to line your lids (both the upper and lower lids), make sure not use blue eyeliner. Try dark gray or even dark brown since brown is the direct contrast of blue. When combined or match you will surely get the amazing results of the eye make up you applied.

You can always check the net for more details about dark blue eyeshadow. In the net you can easily find some free eye make up tutorials, product descriptions, customers’’ reviews and even where to get the perfect brand of dark blue eyeshadow. So if you want to wear dark blue eyeshadow tonight, make sure that you wear the right shade so as to make your eyes stand out.

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