Creme eyeshadow

Eye shadows come in different forms. They can be in powder, liquid and crème. Creme eyeshadows are thicker than the powder- based ones. The advantage of creme eyeshadow is that it lasts longer. But the disadvantage is that when not applied properly creates a creasing effect. Creme eyeshadow not only has an enhancing effect on the eyes but it also creates a dramatic effect on the eyes with the proper technique on how to apply. The first thing to consider is to choose the proper creme eye shadow. It has to have a non-creasing property. Application of creme eyeshadow has to be accompanied by the proper preparation of skin before applying any make-up. This assures a long-lasting finish. First, make sure that all the old make-up is removed and the area to be applied is dry. Next, apply a light layer of foundation to serve as base and prevent creasing. Then, start applying creme eye shadow by using a brush or your pinky finger. When applying, start from the eyebrow crease then blend from inner to outer eyes. Use a light colored creme eyeshadow to outline the area over the eyelashes.

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Creme shadow maybe worn alone, use as base or complement a darker or lighter color eye shadow. The main feature of creme eye shadow is that it has a look that can appear elegant at night and shimmer in daylight. Therefore, it is useful whether you want to have a heavy make-up look or achieve a natural everyday look.

When applying creme eyeshadow, it is recommended to use your fingers instead of a sponge or brush. The heat from the fingers helps the formula blend easily and smoothly creating a non-creasing effect. When using sponge it gives a sharp edge on the sides of the eyes creating a heavy look. Never use cream above powder because it may result in an uneven and bumpy look. The crème should be put on first and powder second. Make sure to apply powder immediately after applying the crème so it does not have a chance to dry.

When it comes to color choice, choose your creme eyeshadow color as you would when you choose your powdered eye shadow. If your dilemma is between using frosted colors or matte colors, it is always safe to use a matte creme eyeshadow since they are easier to blend and they come with a natural look. Crème matte eye shadows are recommended for beginners and for everyday wear. Frosted creme eyeshadows are often used in outlining the eyes. When you want to achieve a smoky look, creme eye shadows are perfect to use as base because they help in easy blending of different shades. When you prefer to wear it alone, colors like brown or bronze are preferred because aside from giving a natural look, it makes your eyes look wide. Pastel colors are more appropriate for fair skinned people since when used by dark colored skin may appear artificial and dusty. Whichever way, the key to a perfect look is the proper color blending of the eyes.

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