Copper Eyeshadow: What You Need To Know

Eyeshadow colors mirror the personality of the wearer. They also show the mood and feeling that the wearer wants to convey. This is because the eyes are one of the first parts of the face that a person could see. One of the hottest trends of today’s fashion is the use of copper eyeshadow. Copper eyeshadow is considered a metallic and neutral eyeshadow color. Using it exudes a classy aura. Being a neutral color, it looks good on people with both fair and dark complexion. It certainly looks good on anyone.

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There are many shades of copper eyeshadow – light, medium and dark. If you have fair complexion, you should choose to wear pale copper eyeshadow. If you have dark skin, you should choose to wear darker shade. Any shade goes well with brown eyeliner and mascara. There’s also good news about this metallic shade. There isn’t much trial and error because once you apply it on your eyelids, you will certainly look good afterwards. It highlights the eyes and exudes a classy personality.

During application of the eyeshadow, you have to make sure not to put too much of it on your lids. Just put enough amount, and don’t apply on your brow bone. Applying this eyeshadow on your brow bone will make you look like a freak show, so be very careful not to do this. Start the application of the eyeshadow from the inner lash line until above the eye crease. Use brown eyeliner to outline the eyes and apply mascara. You can apply two coats.

It is also important that you don’t let anyone’s attention stray away from your eyes if you are wearing copper eyeshadow. To do this, you must not wear too much bronzer or red lipstick. This will distract the person looking at you and will focus on looking at your lips instead. It will also make you look too strong. To avoid this, just wear light bronzer to highlight your cheekbones. If possible, wear colorless lip gloss on your lips. You will not go wrong with this. It will even give you a simple yet classy look.

Copper Spice by Revlon

For the best metallic look, you can try using Revlon Color Stay eyeshadow in Copper Spice. It is available at any drugstore where cosmetics are sold. It has a variety of copper eyeshadow shades that you can choose from and only costs approximately $5.00. This color will also look good on both pale and dark complexion. Try using this and exude the classy look.

If you are hesitant to try this on your own, you could check online and look for tutorials. This will help you achieve your desired metallic look. These tutorials are very easy to follow and are very helpful. They also offer you the tips you need to perfect your look.

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