Colorful eyeshadow

Does wearing make up seem like a routine already? Do you get up each day and apply make up with your eyes half closed and when you look at the mirror you find everything still in place? You might be tired of your standard look. Why don’t you try breaking away from your current make up style? This doesn’t mean trashing your neutral-colored eye shadow and lipstick or buying a new set of make up. It just means that you start reinventing and enjoy beautifying yourself. Instead of the pink lipstick you’re so used to wearing to work everyday, try the bloody red one. It adds to the volume of your lips, making it appear full and luscious. Stop limiting yourself from the shady brown eyes shadow alone. Sure, you might look good with it but try other styles. Try using colorful eyeshadow. Colorful eye shadow gives you the vibrant look. If you are using a one-shaded eye shadow ever since, try the applying colorful eyeshadow instead. Wear an orange eye shadow or a yellow one. Try the hot pink eye shadow too. Reinvent your look to avoid looking stressed out and drab. You’ll be surprised on how your eyes would be more attractive to look at and how your look with be totally renewed.

However, don’t just make the mistake of applying any color on your eyes. You might look like a disaster. Try to match colors of the same family. Match only eye shadow shades with complementary colors. For example, you can match purple and pink, blue and yellow or yellow and green. Also put on layers of the different colorful eye shadow. But make sure not to look like someone with hippie paint on her eyelids. If for instance you don’t know how to pair up colors, try only using one colorful eyeshadow. Just put on a light colored shimmer or neutral colored shimmer to finish the look.

For custom looks, you can choose to have the soft but glam look or the wild and bold look. To look soft but glam, try applying a metallic colorful eye shadow from lids just above your lashes until your brow bones. You can choose blue eye shadow. Pair it with light pink powder to match. For the latter look, you can use a gold shimmer powder and dab a little metallic pink shadow onto the center of your lids. Blend outward.

Also try checking these brands online. These are the recommended brands for colorful eyeshadow choices. Amuse Cosmetics, Blah Blah, Blender, Zalan, Bratz, Crazy Rumors, Jelly Pong Pong, Eyeko, Pinkie Swear, Playboy Beauty, Pookie, Mool, Okey Dokey, Luscious, Lulu Beauty, Lucky Chick, Princessa, Principessa, Freeze 24/7, Fresh Scents, Juice Beauty, LA Colors, LA Girl are only a few brands. Check online for some more.

You can also consult ‘youtube’ for eye shadow technique and styles. There are video tutorials there that could guide you in staying on the safe side of colorful eyeshadow application. Start reinventing yourself now and enjoy the experience!!

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