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Eyeshadow pencil

In make-up, the most crucial part is on how to make the eyes perfect for the look you want to achieve. The eyes play a great role in the over-all look of a make-up. Thus, choosing the right kind of eye shadow is necessary. The basic thing to do when applying eye shadow is to … Continue reading

The best professional eyeshadow palette

Are you looking for some great professional eyeshadow palette? Are you tired of using those one-dollar-eyeshadows? Then this could be your ultimate problem solver. Many women even those celebrities and supermodels preferred these eyeshadow. Professional eyeshadow palette offers all the colors and shade you want from your eye make up! You can choose form the … Continue reading

Revlon eyeshadow reviews

Revlon eyeshadow is one of the many eyeshadow manufacturers today that been giving their women customers the kind of eye make up they will surely love to wear day and night. They are offering wide arrays of colors and shades and also come in different packaging such as those in compacts and mini pots which … Continue reading

88 eyeshadow palette

Did you know that the latest and most popular trend in make up today is the 88 eyeshadow palette? Did you know that even those supermodels, actresses and professional make up artists are already using it? They even admitted that they just can’t go on with their camera spotted life without the 88 eyeshadow palette … Continue reading

Dior eyeshadow reviews

You probably have heard and seen Dior eyeshadow as you passed by down the aisle of cosmetics in the mall.  This is one of the expensive cosmetics being sold in the market today.  You can choose from its wide array of eyeshadow, blush on, foundations, lipsticks and even eyeliner and mascara.  Most actresses and professional … Continue reading

Eyeshadow Stickers

Have you heard about eyeshadow stickers? This is one of the most popular eye make up these days. This is one of the latest products in the cosmetic industry today. This kind of eye make up is suitable for women who have less talent in applying the conventional kind of eyehsadow. This exciting new product … Continue reading

Why you should get yourself an eyeshadow set

Are you looking for some great eyeshadow set? Many women are now looking for this kind of packaging since it will save them a lot. Just imagine you can actually get the base color, the highlighter color and even the main shade in just one package! This will not only actually help you save a … Continue reading

Waterproof Eyeshadow: Perfect from Day to Night

If you want your eye make up to stay from day to night, you’ll surely adore these Waterproof Eyeshadows. A great many would agree that a make up, or an eye make up particularly, is not of good quality if it’s not long wearing. A lot of women would look around trying to search for … Continue reading

All you need to know about Powder eyeshadow

Undeniably, applying Powder Eyeshadow would make your eyes stunning and dramatic. Make up application is part of the everyday routine for most women. And while others go for the totally made up look, others tend to be hesitant in using eye shadows, particularly powder eyeshadow, as they think applying eye make up would take ages … Continue reading

Tips for finding the best 120 color eye shadow palette

A 120 color eyeshadow palette is a must-have of every woman who wants to reinvent her look everyday. In make-up, eyes are the focal point. The best way to get noticeable eyes is the right choice and blending of color in eye shadow. A 120 color eyeshadow palette provides a variety of colors to choose … Continue reading