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Everything About Eye Shadow Stickers

Eye shadow stickers are one of the latest innovations in the cosmetic industry. This is actually a great idea especially for women that don’t know how to apply eye shadows in a proper manner. Eye shadows will make the eyes pop out and make it beautiful and distinct. The eyes are the first to be … Continue reading

Nyx Eyeshadow Palette Reviewed

Have you tried the nyx eyeshadow palette? If you love eye make up then this could be your forever eye partner! There are many kinds of eyeshadow packaging these days. You can easily buy single color of eyeshadow which comes in mini pots and tubes. There are also some in compact with a mirror and … Continue reading

Urban Decay Eyeshadow Palette Reviewed

If you are looking for some great eye make up then settle for Urban Decay Eyeshadow Palette! This palette consists of more than two colors of eye make up. You will not only get one dark and light shade from this package but for or even a hundred plus palettes of exciting shades and colors … Continue reading

Eyeshadow Brush Set

Are you looking for some eyeshadow brush set? Did you know that by getting this set, you will not have the professional look in your eye make up but it will also help you save up more? Getting this amazing set will surely give you the kind of look you always wanted from professional make … Continue reading

The best eyeshadow sets

In applying make – up, it is important that you must flaunt your best feature to have the stunning look you want to achieve. Mostly, the eyes play a great role in making the make-up look more noticeable. But what if your eyes are not your best feature? Several eye make – up tips are … Continue reading

It pays to know the best eyeshadow palette for you

Marveling what would be the best eyeshadow palette for you? Then marvel no more! You have clicked the right page hence this article will help you as you will know the best eyeshadow palette that will suit you best. Before we start, just a heads up, it is important that you know the right blending … Continue reading

Shiseido eyeshadow

Do you want to put a Shiseido eyeshadow on your eyes for a twist? Why not give it a try? There a lot of eye shadow brand that is available all around the world. These brands allow the consumer to choose what would look best on them. Once consumer gets to love the product, they’re … Continue reading

Where to find the best eyeshadow kit

It is always nice if you can get yourself a personal kit, thus if you love doing make ups then an eyeshadow kit should not be missed. To have an eyeshadow kit means to have a lot of arrays to pick from. Most make up artist invest their money on a good quality make ups, … Continue reading

Know more about Christian Dior eyeshadow

When you say Christian Dior eyeshadow, it can always be distinguished as a good quality eye make up. Christian Dior is a brand which is so well-known around the world. This brand sells not only cosmetic products nor eye make ups but also bags, perfumes and many more. They got a lot of devoted customers … Continue reading

E.L.F eyeshadow reviews

Ever tried using those gorgeous shimmery shades of E.L.F (eyes-lips-face) Eyeshadow? I’m totally sure you’ll definitely love them. Well, matte shades are good and they’re quite a staple since they never go out of style; but if you’re looking for eye shadows that would make your eyes stand out or if you badly wanted colors … Continue reading