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Liquid Eyeshadow

Do you love the effects and drama brought by applying a liquid eyeshadow? If you haven’t heard about this eye make before then this article will give you more vibrant ideas! This is the kind of eyeshadow that sometimes comes with gloss and shines but the color stays vibrant and very rich unlike those powdered … Continue reading

Secrets About Sleek Eyeshadow

One of the most remarkable features of the human face is the eyes. There are clearly a lot of variations, nevertheless, our eyes remains to be one of the finest attributes that we can be proud of. Most women find it necessary to emphasize or highlight the eyes with the help of eye make up. … Continue reading

What is the best eyeshadow?

Are you looking for some of the best eyeshadow? Do you exactly know how to wear the right shade and color of eye make up that will not only add up more beauty to your eyes but will also compliment your skin tone and hair color? In this article you will not only get all … Continue reading

Eyeshadow powder information

It is every girls desire to be beautiful. There are actually different meanings of beautiful, you can be either beautiful inside because you have a good attitude and a lot of people love you because of that. Or, you are beautiful because you were given by God a good looking face. For some women who … Continue reading

Where do I find the best eyeshadow collection?

Collection is another term for gathering something you loved the most. It may be bags, dresses, shoes, make ups and others. Collectors usually have this feeling of contentment every time they have additional items on their collections. It is collectors’ pleasure that only they can understand it, even if it sometimes means spending a lot … Continue reading

Find the best eyeshadow cosmetics for you

Eyeshadow cosmetics are basically used to make the eyes stand out, and that’s by bringing out its natural color. From lash line to brow bone and from tear duct corner to outer lid sums up the whole area of concentration.Find more about the best eyeshadow cosmetics on Amazon Eyeshadow cosmetics already existed way back in … Continue reading

Looking for eyeshadow glitter?

Everyone longs for that charming and dramatic sparkle in the eyes. Fortunately, by choosing the right kind of eyeshadow and by using the proper way of eyeshadow glitter application, you’ll absolutely get that glamour of glitter without looking all too shimmery.Find more about the best eyeshadow glitter on Amazon Without a doubt, eyeshadow glitter is … Continue reading

Loose eyeshadow reviews, tips&tricks

There are many ways to accessorize the eyes. You can use eye make up that consists of mascara, eyeshadow, eye liner and eye pencil. There are different kinds and styles for each eye make up accessory and choosing one style of it could tell your personality. The use of a certain color of eyeshadowe for … Continue reading

Cosmetics Eyeshadow

Since cosmetic eyeshadow comes out in the market and popularized by celebrities and supermodels, many women have already bought and used it as part of their daily make up routine. Some just can’t even go out without some shades and colors on their lids. They said that their make up is not complete without the … Continue reading

Ideas about cool eyeshadow

The use of cool eyeshadow colors gives the eyes a light and casual look. Cool eyeshadow colors could be blue, light purple and all the pastel color variations. Cool eyeshadow is best worn and applied on tired and puffy eyes to create a light and casual look. These colors can also be for everyday use … Continue reading