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Great eyeshadow colors

If you say that eyeshadow colors matters, then I will for sure agree to that. It indeed matter the most because our eyes is the focal point in doing make up thus the perfect choice of eyeshadow color should be taken into consideration. Two things that you have think through when choosing an eye shadow … Continue reading

Why you will love orange eyeshadow

Orange eyeshadow is one of the best shade for those brown eyed women especially those Asian women. Women with brown eyes can actually use and apply any combinations of eye color make up and still can look great and amazing! But if you are still looking for more shades and colors of eyeshadow that will … Continue reading

Get that Glamorous Peachy Look with a Peach Eye Shadow

Current trends show that Peach Eyeshadow is definitely in style. If you want a refreshing twist from the all too glittery shades of eye shadows, it’s highly recommended to use perfectly matte colors such as peach eye shadow. It’s indeed true that matte eyeshadows never go out of style. They’re amazing to use to bring … Continue reading

Creme eyeshadow

Eye shadows come in different forms. They can be in powder, liquid and crème. Creme eyeshadows are thicker than the powder- based ones. The advantage of creme eyeshadow is that it lasts longer. But the disadvantage is that when not applied properly creates a creasing effect. Creme eyeshadow not only has an enhancing effect on … Continue reading

A blue eyeshadow tutorial

Are you looking for a blue eyeshadow tutorial? Then congratulations because you have arrived to the right page! After reading this article, it is for sure that you will learn a lot with regards to blue eyeshadows tutorials. This article will discuss more tips to help a lot woman to know their choices with regards … Continue reading

More on dark blue eyeshadow

In using dark blue eyeshadow proper application and matching must be observe. Blue color belongs to shades that create a cool effect. However, if it’s dark it means a different thing. Most blue colors can create different looks on your eyes. It can be a gothic or emo look, cool look or smoky look. It … Continue reading

Is cream eyeshadow suitable for you? Find it here!

If you are considering for an eye shadow that can be effortlessly applied, then cream eyeshadow is created especially for you. Let us take a deeper review on cream eye shadow’s benefits and features. The cream eyeshadow is made of pulverized color suspended in wax and other moisturizers making it easy to apply. Cream eyeshadow … Continue reading

The best dark blue eye shadow

Choosing the right shade of eye shadow color is the first important thing to consider when planning to create that striking and vivid look. It’s also best to make sure that the color you selected would go with the natural color of your eyes. Well, if you’re someone who badly wanted to try out the … Continue reading

Copper Eyeshadow: What You Need To Know

Eyeshadow colors mirror the personality of the wearer. They also show the mood and feeling that the wearer wants to convey. This is because the eyes are one of the first parts of the face that a person could see. One of the hottest trends of today’s fashion is the use of copper eyeshadow. Copper … Continue reading

The Best Brown Eyeshadow For Your Eyes

Eyeshadow colors reflect the mood and feelings of the person wearing it. It also shows the personality of the wearer and the aura she wants to show to the people around her. For a fun and exciting look, it is suggested that you wear bright colored eyeshadow. Neon eyeshadow is used for a funky and … Continue reading