Bourjois Eyeshadow

How would you like to treat yourself for a make over? Wonder how you would you like using an eye make up? Then this article will surely give you more beautiful ideas on how to make your eyes stand out.

Bourjois eyeshadow is one of the most popular brands of eye make up today and even celebrities and their personal make up artist are already using this brand. This eye make up comes in a round pot shape and has a powdery texture. You can either apply in dry or wet. When applied dry, you will get soft and neutral effects but when applied wet then you will see just how intense and vibrant the colors are. Celebrities even made their reviews and comments about this eyeshadow. They stated that they just can’t get a close up shot without it on their eyelids! Just imagine how you will look if you will use this eyeshadow preferred by superstars and supermodels.

What makes Boujrois eyeshadow more in demand and very useful is that every pot of eye make up they have comes with a mirror and a little sponge brush tip applicator. Just think of that, you will no longer have to run in the ladies room just to see and reapply your eyeshadow. You just need one pot of this popular eyeshadow and you are now ready to make every guy’s head turn. This eye make up has also pearly effects on the eyes and since we know that cosmetics with pearls can really bring out the true beauty of the face.

The Boujrois eyeshadow pots come in different cute colors and all have shimmer finish! This is great for your night out party as it will surely make your eyes stand out! You can either apply the eyeshadow wet or dry as well. The darkest shade of can be applied wet and serves as an eyeliner to make smoky effects and add up more drama and flare on your eyes. You don’t have to worry about the eye make up getting caked or smudge because with its very fine and powdery texture, you can apply it on your eyelids smoothly. All you need is to apply this eyeshadow once to get the natural but attractive look but if you are looking for more drama effects then you need to apply more on your lids.

You can buy Boujrois eyeshadow online. Through these online sites you will see and read product descriptions, its price and some customers’ review. It is usually sold for about 5 to 6 pounds. You can choose from its wide array of colors and shade which will complement your eye color and skin tone. You know just how important to get the right color and shade of eye make up.

So the next time you want to look great and make every guy’s head turn then use Boujrois eyeshadow as this will not only make your eyes stand ot but it can actually bring out your true features.

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