Everything about Black Eyeshadow

If you love smokey eyes then black eyeshadow is the thing for you. Smokey eyes with black eyeshadow will not only make your eyes stand out and attractive but it can even make you look mysterious and very sexy. But this color of eye make up is usually worn during your night out party with girls. It is not advisable to wear such shade for every day activities such as going to school or work unless of course you are Goth!

Black eyeshadow just like any shade of eyeshadow should be worn with careful details so as not to make you look like an insomniac witch! This shade of eyeshadow goes well even for women with brown skin. But it is usually great on women with fair complexion. Just make sure that if you are going to wear black eyeshadow, you will wear something very light or nude like color on your lips and cheeks. If you will wear black eye make up with dark lipstick, then people who will see you might think you are going to a Halloween party or something!

I gathered below all the steps you need in applying black eyeshadow

1. When applying eyeshadow it is important that you apply some eyeshadow primer first. This will not only make your eye make up to last for hours but it can also protect the pigmentation of the eye make up so as not to cause caking and smudges.

2. Now apply first some concealer on the skin under your eyes. This will hide and cover up all your dark eye bags and dark circles. This will even make your dark eye make up to stand out.

3. Now start applying the lightest shade of black on your browbone. If you have silver like shade then go for this one. Apply it until up to your browbone. Then apply the medium shade of black on your lids and crease line. Do not forget to blend all the colors as you apply the second shade. Use a sponge tip eye make up brush when blending. Then use the darkest shade, the black eyeshadow, to highlight your lids. Then again, blend the three shades of black to remove the visible crease line of the three shades.

4. Make sure that you use your big brush to brush off excess black powder from your face.

5. Then line your lower lid and upper lid with coal eyeliner or liquid eyeliner. This will even your eyes even more sexier and mysterious.

6. Apply two coats of mascara on your lashes both upper and the lower lashes. If you have pair of fake eyelashes then go for it! This will surely add up more flare and drama on your smokey eyes.

If you are going to wear black eyeshadow during the day, make sure that you go for lighter shades such as gray and coal black. The darkest shade of black will go well on your after office hour party. Be bold and beautiful!

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