Benefit eyeshadow reviewed

Just like clothes fashion, styles and trends on eye make up are ever changing. The standard eye make up for a certain time of the day or occasion may be fixed for now but will be different by tomorrow. Certain colors may be best for this year’s season but will be passé in the next to come. You can’t have a fixed set of makeup for the entire year just like you can’t wear your winter wardrobe in summer.

Eye makeup has evolved radically in a short time too. The swollen and puffy look are now worn and appreciated by quite a number of girls. Back then, swollen and puffy look were dreaded. This is why not many women wear red eye shadow alone.

It’s also as if there are no standards for eye make up now. The rules of color and shade and the better match for particular colors still stand but you can still stray away from the rules. As long as you know how to carry your look and are confident with it, your whole ensemble is good to go.

I remember a few years back when light hues used to be the ‘in’ thing. Now smoky eyes are. Trends come and go that’s why we need to be innovative in what we have. We need to learn how to experiment and mix colors to create a stylish aura.

Many cosmetic sites online offer tutorials to improve one’s look by discussing eye make up application. Many stores also offer a number of eye make up goods. One particular brand of eye makeup brand that not only exudes a chic and elegant effect is the Benefit eyeshadow. Benefit eyeshadow is promoted by the Benefit Cosmetics. Benefit eyeshadow’s products are very reasonable and has really a great effect in highlighting the beauty of one’s eyes.

The current editions of Benefit eyeshadow sold online are the Lana Light Neutral shades and the Gabbi Medium neutral shades. There is also the Betty deep neutral shade. This is a promotional package that is part of their lifestyle collection of eye shadow. You would never go wrong if you try the best shade for you.

Benefit eyeshadow products are also hypo allergenic. They are very safe to use. Benefit’s newest eye shadow known as the Creaseless Cream Shadow is a sure guarantee that your eyes would look perfect. They help a lot in contouring your eyes.

Benefit eyeshadow looks good with your complexion. It hides shadow lines and creases on your face. It is also has a smudge proof and water proof formula that shapes the contours of your eyes. If you are looking for these products, you can check out Benefit Cosmetic’s website. They currently are promoting their velvet edition of Benefit’s velvet eye shadow. These are the Benefit Creaseless Cream Eye shadow. This also comes with a liner. Another product is the Benefit Cosmetics velvet eye shadow Fawn over me. There is also the Benefit Velvet eye shadow. Try checking these out now!

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