Beauty Eyeshadow

Since beauty eyeshadow hits the market, many women young and mature have already bough, tried and get satisfied with the colors and results this eyeshadow gives them. You can choose from matte and frosted kind of beauty eyeshadows. You can actually create your own palette of eyeshadow with its wide array of colors and shades.

So to get the best results you want from your beauty eyeshadow, I gathered all the best tips you can need.

Tip #1: Blending is your main key

According to the beauty eyeshadow maker, the main key for you to make your eyes stand out is to blend the three shades of eyeshadow you put on your eyelids. Just start with the lightest shade as your base and then go for the medium shade on the lids then apply the darkest shade as your highlighter.

Tip #2: Choose the right shade of eyeshadow
To make your eyes stand out it is important that you choose the right shade of eyeshadow. Think about the right shade of eye make up that will make your eyes pop out. Think of those blue eyed girls wearing gold eyeshadow. Imagine how their eyes seem to sparkle each time they smile at you.

Tip #3: Never apply deep color on your browbone
You should never apply dark shade of eyeshadow on your browbone. Always go for browns, tan, peach and taupe when coloring your browbone. These shades of eyeshadow should be your base color.

Tip #4: Use a primer
Primer will help your eyeshadow to stays in place for hours. This will also prevent your eye make up to smudge and cake. This is important if you want to make your eye make up to last even if you will experience some sweating and teary eyed situation.

Tip #5: Shimmer eyeshadow is great for not flat and smooth eyelid
If you still don’t have those wrinkles and fine lines on your eye lids, then opt for shimmer eyeshadow as this will make your eyes appear bigger.

Tip #6: Wear smokey eyes right
If you love smokey eyes then make sure that you apply your dark eyeshadow right. Just apply dark eye make up on your lids and below the lash line. Try not to apply make up above the crease line.

Tip #7: A white dot will do a huge effect
Apply a white dab of eye make up near the tear duct and see how your eyes will open up. This is very effective especially if you have small and Chinese eyes. Adding a dab of white eyeshadow near the tear duct will surely make your eyes stand out.
Tip #8: Practice, practice and more practice
If you are not that great when it comes to applying eye make up then see to it that your practice this craft before the big night event of your life. Never apply eye make up without any knowledge on how to do it right as this will surely affects your looks.

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