Are you looking for new eyeshadow?

The cosmetic industry dedicates in development of hypoallergenic ingredients for different make-ups. Wider selection of eyeshadows emerges in the market. We will provide you with the latest eyeshadows from different brands.

M.A.C.’s new eyeshadow collection is the limited edition To The Beach eyeshadow. To The Beach eyeshadows are available in five golden and sultry summer colors, three in pearl finish, one matte, and one frosted. M.A.C. To The Beach eyeshadow costs $14.50. Lancome Limited Edition Color Design Sensational Effects eyeshadow is a also new eyeshadow and part of Lancome’s summer collection. Six sparkling colors of summertime in a Bronze Riviera palette with compact mirror and brush, Lancome Color

Design Sensational Effects eyeshadow costs $45.00. Revlon has two new eyeshadows: Revlon Luxurious Color Perle eyeshadow and Revlon Luxurious Color Satin eyeshadow. Both have rich refined pigments in smooth textures, difference is Perle provides a glistening crystallized finish while Satin provides a smooth velvety finish. These Revlon Luxurious Color eyeshadows come in single shadows with a shadow applicator for $9.99.

There are two new eyeshadow collections from Maybelline. New Maybelline Color Plush Silk eyeshadow ($9.99) is a set of four rich silky shades/colorso properly arranged to guide a subtle or a smoky effect. For the subtle technique, lightest shade to illuminate from lash line to brow bone, second shade to blend, third shade to emphasize from inner corner to middle lid, and darkest shade on lash line or contour. Thus, illuminate, blend, emphasize and contour. The high impact or smoky technique is done in this order–illuminate, emphasize, intensify and deepen. The other new eyeshadow is Maybelline Color Pearl Marbleized eyeshadow. It is the swirl of seven different pearl pigments creating a luminous dimensional color, for $5 only. Maybelline new eyeshadows can be found in drugstores nationwide.

Another new eyeshadow is Too Faced’s Naked Eye Soft and Sexy eyeshadow collection. It is a kit containing nine matte neutrals and soft shimmer eyeshadows, three Jerrod’s easy instruction cards, and an applicator brush and sponge, for a price of $35.

Other new eyeshadows are Cover Girl Smoky ShadowBlast ($7.99), a duo of bold colors with specially shaped tips for easy application, Urban Decay Summer of Love eyeshadow palette ($29) which includes four velvety soft shimmer shadows and an eye pencil, with mirror in a vintage-designed magnetic cover, plus a travel-size eyeshadow primer potion, and Stila It Girl eyeshadow palette ($10) featuring three neutral shadows (kitten, chloe and lame) to give the eyes a twinkle in the summer sun.

The production of new eyeshadows guarantees the growth of the cosmetic company. These companies incorporate advance technology to further innovate their products. Consumers like us should be wise. Assess the product meticulously. Inquire when confused. As for proper storage, always cover powdered eyeshadows at room temperature to avoid dampness. Along with your new eyeshadows, invest on quality eyeshadow applicator tools, eyeshadow primer, and mascara altogether.

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