Applying Eyeshadow like a Pro

If you love make then you surely also love eyeshadow. Since there are now lots of free videos on how to apply eyeshadow and even magazine and books about make up, you will no longer have to fret when it comes to applying eyeshadow. Imagine you no longer have to pay hundreds of dollars just for an eye make up from salons.

Eyeshadow is one of the most important make up you need to apply on your face to add up more drama. This will help make your eyes appear alive and as if it is actually speaking your mind out loud. Your eyes are the first part of your body most people often notice so make sure that you apply your eye make up carefully.

Here are the basic steps on applying eyeshadow

1. Apply thin layer of primer eye make up. This will make the eye make up last long plus it will even make your eye make up not to cake or smudge. If you don’t have any primer eye make up then a thin layer of concealer or foundation will do well.

2. Next is apply some neutral colors on your lids up until to the browbone. Use taupe, peach, rich brown or even tan to color the upper part of your lids. This will help make your eyes appear bigger.

3. Then just under your browbone, apply your choice of shade but make sure that you are applying the lightest shade of eyeshadow on your lids. Do not forget to blend it using a sponge tip eye make up brush.

4. Applying the medium dark shade of eyeshadow is the next thing you need to do. Apply this on the socket of your eyes. Make a rainbow like curve on the eyes. Then again using your sponge eye make up brush, blend the colors together.

5. It is advisable to pick a darker shade of eyeshadow such as navy blue eye shadow. As a general rule, it is advisable not to pick the exact shade of eyes shadow that matches your eyes. If your eyes have lighter shade of eyes then go for darker shade of eye shadow. If you have dark colored eyes then go for something light in your eye make up.

6. If you will wear or apply eye shadow that will make your eyes stand out, opt for darker shade. Darker shade of eye shadow is ideal to any eye colored women.

7. Next line your lids with soft black eye shadow or with deep brown. This will define your eyes more and will provide a softer look than by using eye liner. Always use light strokes when applying eye make up.

8. Apply two coats of mascara to finish off your look.

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