A blue eyeshadow tutorial

Are you looking for a blue eyeshadow tutorial? Then congratulations because you have arrived to the right page! After reading this article, it is for sure that you will learn a lot with regards to blue eyeshadows tutorials. This article will discuss more tips to help a lot woman to know their choices with regards to what should be the best eye shadow they are going to wear particularly if it is blue.

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They say that if your eyes color is blue, you cannot wear blue eyeshadows. Well then, I will prove you wrong. Blue eyeshadow is so versatile that even women with blue eyes can still wear this color. The secret is in knowing which shade to select and how to apply it correctly. Thus this article about blue eyeshadow tutorial will let you know how to find your impeccable blue and put it in a accurate way.

The Light eyes or dark eyes. The error of most women is when it comes to picking the shade; they sometimes go for too dark colors for their own eye color. You should all the time think of that you select a color that is lighter than your own eyes color. Women with blue eyes can wear stunning blue eyeshadow. Blue eyeshadow tutorial will help you with that; hence blue eye shadow can augment all eye colors. The trick is to generate distinction. Here we go!

You can always get the right shade all the time because the blue eye shadow tutorial is as easy as 1 2 3!

  1. If you have light eyes you need to use two colors of eyeshadow. Most often than not, eye shadows packages have light and dark colors.
  2. First thing to do is to apply the lighter shade; this will serve as the base. If white or ivory is available, then you have to put it on the entire eye area.
  3. Then you have to layer it with blue eyeshadow. The proper blending of colors will naturally appear lighter.

After doing the 1-2-3 steps of blue eye shadow tutorials, you now have to balance the appearance. If you don’t want the color to be too light then add difference to your look. You can in fact line your eye with a thin line of blue close to the lash line. There is also supplementary information aside from the blue eyeshadow tutorial above. In the same way that blue eye shadow look can elucidate why blue can enhance almost all eye colors. First is that blue doesn’t over influence the eye, you can even combine a little light aqua color and it will create a violet range. Thus combining or blending the colors keeps the eyes from looking all blue. Just a little tip by the way for people who got darker skins, you can actually apply dark blue first and blend it with shades of green. For brown eyes women on the other hand teal blue and deep turquoise is a perfect choice for you! Very well said, indeed this blue eyeshadow tutorial help you a lot, right? Enjoy blue eyeshadow all the time!

Find more about the best blue eyeshadow tutorial on Amazon

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