7 Eyeshadow Application Tips

Every woman wants to perfect the application of the eyeshadow. Sure, you know how to apply but there are more eyeshadow application tips that you can follow to make sure that you will be able to apply it almost without a flaw.

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Eyeshadow application tips:


  1. Invest in good brushes – good brushes but not expensive brushes. Many women think that a good brush should be expensive but in reality, there are really good brushes out there that are very affordable. A good brush will really go a long way in helping you improve your style and skills. Go for a brush that is dense, fluffy and picks up color without eating it.
  2. Practice on the back of your hand – do it at the back of your hand first before you apply it on your eyeshadow. You can see how the colors will blend together. This is also a great thing to do when you’re buying an eyeshadow.
  3. The base – buy yourself a good eyeshadow base. It is specifically designed to get the colors to adhere to your lid and it will allow it to last all day without creasing or fading. There are also other bases that can brighten or intensify the colors you will use.
  4. Soft and gentle – don’t be hard on yourself! Soft and gentle strokes are definitely better than harsher strokes.
  5. Q-tips – consider them your new best friend.
  6. Experiment – you can remove makeup, so it won’t hurt if you keep on experimenting with different eyeshadows! Go ahead until you finally meet the perfect eyeshadow for you!
  7. Blend everything in soft motions – do it softly and it will gently blend the colors together.

Those are some of the best eyeshadow application tips that will definitely help you a lot in making that eyeshadow look flawless.

Following these eyeshadow application tips will make your eyes look very beautiful and at the same time, it will be able to complement your face. Always keep them in mind especially if you’re shopping for a good eyeshadow.

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