4 Makeup Tips for Brown Eyes

Do you have brown eyes? Well, if you do, you are definitely on the right page because you will find here all the makeup tips for brown eyes. First of all, when it comes to eye makeup for brown eyes, one should focus on dramatic makeup looks. Brown eyes tend to be naturally deeper in color and because of that, one can wear darker colors that other women have to pass on.

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Here are some makeup tips for brown eyes:


  1. For deep dark brown eyes – this si known to be the darkest level of brown. There are even some women that have eyes that almost appear black. Medium to dark colors of eye makeup will work for you . Always use lighter flecks of color in your eyes to choose highlight colors so that that your eye makeup won’t look too harsh or too dark. By doing this, it will set a contrast between the darker colors and the highlight will set off the color best.
  2. For medium brown eyes – in this case, this is the easiest color to work with. Why? You can wear any color with this! You can go for mauves, violets and purples and everything will look great on you. If you want something of the opposite, you can wear coppers, bronzes and golds! Greens will look outstanding on you. So, if you want to use some color but you want to keep it subtle, use it to line your eyes.
  3. For light brown eyes – such color of eyes can are striking. If you’re one of the gew people who have golden flecks in the eyes, you will need to use a very pale yellow as your highlight. Also, the one thing you have to be very careful not to do is to not overpower your brown shade. You can do this by limiting darker shadows to use in the crease area.
  4. For hazel brown eyes – darker colors than your normal skintone will look great with this color brown. Go for champagne and mauve colors. To make your hazel brown eyes stand out, line them with colors like purple, bronze or dark brown. You can also go for apricot of pink highlights.

So, for the brown-eyed beauties out there, have no fear! You can make those luscious brown eyes beautiful with these makeup tips for brown eyes! Do keep all these in mind and you will be able to make those eyes stand out even more than before.

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