3 Eyeshadow for Brown Eyes

Do you have brown eyes and you’re currently looking for eyeshadow for brown eyes in the market today? Well, before you do that, here are some tips that will help you find that perfect eyeshadow shades that you will be appropriate for your eye color.

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One of the most important tip when it comes to selecting eyeshadow for brown eyes is to choose a color that is the opposite color of your eye color or something that can help complement it. Brown eyes have a little more leeway in compatible color selection that do green or blue eyes.


  1. Blue eyeshadow – blue eyeshadow can complement your brown eyes. Women who have brown eyes can wear blue better than women with other colors of eyes. When applying this specific color of eyeshadow, make sure to apply it lightly to get the best results. You can go for aqua blue and baby blues.
  2. Green eyeshadow – this color can look lovely with brown eyes especially if your brown eyes are more in the hazel side. You can go for duller green eye shadows because these will look great for everyday wear. Go for olive, khaki or forest green.
  3. Brown – there are many shades of brown that will look great with brown eyes. Select a brown with some shimmer and then you can apply some creme-colored highlight. Gold will make a great highlight for brown eyes. The shade of brown you choose will need to be lighter or darker.

These are some of the best eyeshadow for brown eyes. You can visit makeup stores so you can try if the color will suit your eyes and complement your whole face. Aside from that, you can also shop online if you don’t have time to shop in local stores.

Having brown eyes is the easiest when it comes to eyeshadows. This is because there are many colors that one can choose from. Follow these tips and you can make those brown eyes pop out and look very lively!

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