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The best Eyeshadow for brown eyes

If you want to highlight your eyes, you should consider wearing eye shadow. They come in a variety of colors, shades and tones that you should match and coordinate with your skin color and eye color to look your best. If you are able to choose the best eyeshadow color, you can definitely obtain the … Continue reading

Mineral eyeshadow tips

Have you heard the latest trend in make up today? They say that it was the best make up ever! As soon as I’ve heard about this make up trend, I search the shopping malls for it as well as the net for more details. So I gathered all the best things about mineral eyeshadow. … Continue reading

Dark blue eyeshadow

How would you like to wear dark blue eyeshadow tonight over your best friend’s party? Do you know when and how to wear this latest color of eyeshadow which won’t leave your eyes look garish? If not then this article will give you more ideas on how to wear dark blue eyeshadow just the right … Continue reading

The best bright eyeshadow

Applying eyeshadows are a form of self-expression. Its effect on the eyes greatly influences the whole make-up, and the personality. To transform into something outrageous or funky, perhaps a retrospect image of the 60’s and 70’s era, bright eyeshadows are what you need. A bright eyeshadow is flashy, psychedelic or eccentric. Bright eyeshadows only fit … Continue reading

What You Need To Know About White Eyeshadow

There are many ways to improve your look. For one, you can choose the right and trendy clothes that suit your body type. You can also choose the right hairstyle that enhances the shape of your face and features. Using makeup to darken, enhance and beautify your face is the best way to do this. … Continue reading

Neon eyeshadow tips

If you want to add some attitude in your look, you can try using neon eyeshadow. It comes in bright glowing colors of orange, pink, green, red, yellow and purple. It adds a cool and funky effect on your look too. The use of neon eyeshadow if not done right can create a ‘disaster look’ … Continue reading

Colorful eyeshadow

Does wearing make up seem like a routine already? Do you get up each day and apply make up with your eyes half closed and when you look at the mirror you find everything still in place? You might be tired of your standard look. Why don’t you try breaking away from your current make … Continue reading

Tips and tricks about Yellow Eyeshadow

The eye shadow is essentially the heart of an eye make-up. The strength of the eye shadow color promotes the eyes. And in one way or another, it addresses the hidden feelings of the eyes. A yellow eyeshadow might suggest a vague yet provocative thought. The color yellow itself means caution and hope, being used … Continue reading

Red eyeshadow

The color red exudes an aura of confidence, bravery and strong personality. It is one of the darkest colors among the primary colors that come out too strong. It is also one of the most favorite of colors. This is because you can never go wrong with red. You can wear a red dress on … Continue reading

Eyeshadow for green eyes

In the fashion world, you have to be abreast of the current trends. You have to know what’s in and what’s out and best of all, you have to learn how to mix, match and carry your look. You can’t be too overconfident, though. It ruins everything. You just have to be comfortable in what … Continue reading